Sunday, January 15, 2006

Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill

In 1903 the Carnegie Foundation founded the Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill. The 1,730-acre laboratory, the first facility of its kind devoted solely to arid lands research, has remained a permanent natural ecological preserve dedicated to studies of plants, animals, and environment of North American deserts. While there appears to be a long-term commitment on the part of the University of Arizona, City of Tucson, and State of Arizona to maintain the site as a green area and ecological research preserve, the most significant present issue is the continuing difficulty of getting the western 1/3 of the property transferred from the State Education Trust to the University. (Photo source: Linda Mayro.)

August 2007 Update: Discussions continue between local goverment authorities, the University of Arizona, and State Education Trust to find solutions to protect this site.